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Observing Reports


Object of the Week: Sharpless 157 in Cassiopeia/Cepheus (Deepskyforum.com, July 2014)

Object of the Week: NGC 6240, the Rumpled Starfish (Deepskyforum.com, May 2014)

Object of the Week: Sharpless 261 - Lower's Nebula (Deepskyforum.com, March 2014)

Object of the Week: Abell 21, a large evolved PN in Gemini (Deepskyforum.com, January 2014)


Object of the Week: The two Tadpoles of IC 410 in Auriga (Deepskyforum.com, November 2013)

Object of the Week: Merope's and Barnard's Nebula (Deepskyforum.com, September 2013)

100 Quadratgrad Himmel: Mitten im Schwan (Interstellarum 89, August 2013)

Brightning of Gyulbudhagian's Nebula (PV Cep) (Deepskyforum, August 2013)

Object of the Week: Sharpless 174 - a moving planetary? (Deepskyforum.com, July 2013)

Object of the week: Markarian 205 and the red shift controversy (Deepskyforum.com, June 2013)

Object of the Week: A whiff of a Planetary: Longmore-Tritton 5 (Deepskyforum.com, April 2013)

Ein "neuer" Nebel im Einhorn: Thommes' Nebula (Astrotreff, March 2013)

Object of the Week: A Wolf-Rayet ring nebula - Sharpless 308 (Deepskyforum.com, January 2013)

Object of the Week: Sharpless 257 and the Three Snowballs (Deepskyforum.com, January 2013)

Ceres und Vesta als Scheibchen (Astrotreff, Januar 2013)


100 Quadratgrad Himmel: Ein Streifzug durch die Giraffe (Interstellarum 85, December 2012)

Ear Nebula: IPHASX J205013.7 + 465518 in Cygnus (Deepskyforum.com, August 2012)

Object of the Week: Wolf-Rayet Shell around WR 134/135 (Deepskyforum.com, July 2012)

Sharpless 91 and Friends: Observing the complete ring of the G65.3+5.7 supernova remnant in Cygnus (on Astrotreff)

100 Quadratgrad Himmel: Vor Cepheus' Haustür (Interstellarum 83, August 2012)


The Orion-Eridanus Superbubble: Observing the Western Counterpart to Barnard's Loop (on Astrotreff)

100 Quadratgrad Himmel: Orion trifft Zwillinge (Interstellarum 79, December 2011)

Two Young Stellar Objects in Cygnus: G 98-171 (V1982 Cygni) und GM 2-39  (Deepskyforum.com, November 2011)

Large Planetaries in Cassiopeia: HFG 1, HDW 2, EGB 1 and MWP 1 (Cloudynights.com, November 2011)

100 Quadratgrad Himmel: Tief unten in Canis Major (Interstellarum 74, February 2011)

Solar Eclipse 2011


Deep Sky and Polarization: Observing protoPN, proto-stellar dust and synchrotron radiation

A Sharpless Treasure Box: The Sharpless 254, 255, and 257 Trio  (on Astrotreff)


Two galaxies deep in the South: NGC 253 and NGC 247 of the Sculptor Group

M87 and its jet: Visual observation of a monster

Worms, two Tadpoles, a Horse, a Keyhole, and a Christmas Tree: Five dusty winter nebula

Cassiopeia A: The probably youngest SNR of the Milky Way (on Astrotreff)

R Aquarii: Observation of a symbiotic star (on Astrotreff)

Himalia: Jupiter's "fifth" moon (on Astrotreff)


McNeil's Nebula in M78 (on Astrotreff)

The Tadpoles in IC 410 (on Astrotreff)

Deep South in Canis Major: NGC2467, the t CMa Cluster, Sharpless 301, and Sharpless 308 (on Astrotreff)

Elephant's Trunk, a Flaming Pig, and a Star Queen: Two dusty summer nebula  (on Astrotreff)


Corona Borealis Galaxy Cluster: Visual observation of Abell 2065 (on Astrotreff)

Barnard's Galaxy: NGC 6882 in Sagittarius

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DSM 2009: Spring Observing Highlights

(Observing list of the Deep Sky Meeting 2009 in Ittenhausen)



DSM2015: Hidden Deep Sky Treasures

(Observing list of the Deep Sky Meeting 2015 in Ittenhausen)




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