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Solar Eclipse 2011

The partial solar eclipse of January 4th 2011 observed on Schauinsland Mountain


The solar eclipse of January 4th 2011 took place only two weeks after another lunar eclipse. Both eclipses, lunar and solar, were in the morning hours, shortly before and after sun rise, respectively. For both eclipses, the forecasts were so-so, and it was not sure, whether they would be observable. Finally, both eclipses could be observed under fair, though not ideal conditions.

Shortly before sun rise on Schauinsland Mountain on 1200 m. My gear consisted of my 4.5" Newton and 7x50 binoculars.

Along the horizon was a rather stable cloud layer. It took therefore some time until the sun could get through.

The first views of the sun were still impaired by the cloud layers.

The images of the sun were done with a simple compact digital camera through the telescope eyepiece.

At this time, the eclipse could be observed still naked eye, rendering the movement of the moon in front of the sun even more realistic.

No, this is not Saturn.


During the morning quite a number of people gathered together on the parking lots along the road on the mountain top.

Some people came with telescope, some with binoculars, and many without any gear.


One family came with hat and dog and observed the eclipse against all advices without filters!

With the sun being higher in the sky, the conditions became much better and we could also see small groups of sunspots emerging behind the moon.