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Do you have no idea about which new objects to observe? Are you tired of looking always at the same stuff in the sky? Then this web page is for you!

Observing objects off the beaten path is the topic of this page. For every season of the year, you will find a list of objects which  I selected from a folder of mine bearing the label "Exotic". I start going through this folder every time I come to the point that I have not prepared myself for the observing session or non of my other observing projects interests me.

These are objects that have a history or that tell you something about astrophysics. They may be simply beautiful or they by some chance did not fit into any of the other observing folders that I have. Some of these objects started at some point observing projects of their own and are the highlights of Sharpless or Hickson Catalogs, of the large PN or YSOs. Some of the targets are rather difficult objects, but difficulty by itself was not a criterion when I selected the lists. In contrary, most of the objects can be successfully observed already with telescopes of medium size.

All in all, these lists are a very personal and subjective selection of targets that I myself find interesting and that belong not to the mainstream.

The descriptions below are still in German only, but pictures and maps may still be useful for you.



(RA 08-12: APM 08279+5255, Frosty Leo, Sextans B, Double Quasar, Leo II, HCG 56, Copeland's Septet, Leo Cluster)


(RA 12-16: Virgo Trio, NGC 4236, Mrk 205, NGC 4449, 3C 273, M87 Jet, NGC 4676, LoTr 5, Draco Trio, M53/NGC 5053, HCG 68, M102, Corona Cluster, Seyfert's Sextet)


(RA 16-20: Abell 2199, NGC 6240, Minkowski's Butterfly, Cat's Eye, Sh2-68, M22, Par 21, Campbell's Star, Sh2-91, Barnard's Galaxy)


(RA 20-24: WR 134, Propeller Nebula, Sh2-106, NGC 6946 and NGC 6939, Gyulbudaghian's Nebula, Cirrus Southern Arc, Sh2-157, Sh2-129, Pease 1, NGC 7129, Cocoon Nebula, Cas A, Jones 1, R Aqr, Sh2-174)


(RA 00-04: VdB 1 Area, IC 10, NGC 185/147, Sculptor Group, NGC 383 Group, NGC 507 Group, Simeis 22, Heart Nebula, Maffei 1, Merope and Barnard's Nebula, Moons of Uranus and Neptun)


(RA 04-08: Hind's Nebula, IC 410 tadpoles, Keyhole Nebula, McNeil's Nebula, Ced 62, Sh2-257 Group, Cone Nebula, Sirius B, JE 1, PuWe 1, IC 2169 Group, Sh2-308, Gum 1, Sh2-311)



Further interesting web pages with "Exotic Stuff"

Off The Beaten Path by Steve Gottlieb

Paul Alsing

Eyes 4 Skies Observing Reports by Peter Surma

Observing at Skyhound by Greg Crinklaw


Exotic Observing Atlas

(pdf 30 Mb)

last update 08/2015


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