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The Tadpoles in IC 410


February 2008

Here the overview of IC 410 with the tadpoles ...

Probably most of the more active Deep Sky observers know IC410 in Auriga. Despite having only an IC number, it is pretty bright and easy with an OIII Filter. At the edge of the nebula are two globules, which bear some ressemblance to tadples with a bright rim oriented toward the central star cluster. Here is a narrow band image by Richard Crisp.

... and the tadpoles in detail

The left globule is the easier one.

I had always wanted to give these tadpoles a try for a visual observation, but either forgot to take along a DSS printout or just didn't think of them, when I had IC 410 in the eyepiece. Yesterday, I had a printout with me and the observation was surprisingly easy. I was observing with 22", but under pretty mediocre sky, maybe mag 5.5 at the city border of Freiburg. The brighter one of the globules could be observed easily with UHC by averted vision. Under more optimal conditions, this one is feasible also with much smaller scopes. The OIII and H beta filters were not as helpful as UHC. The brighter globule appeared as a small condensation with a small group of three faint stars. The other globule was more difficult, but could be observed later under better conditions.

A finder chart with DSS images is available here.

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