construction plans for vns eq platforms


Here on this page, you can download ready-to-use construction plans for VNS EQ platforms in two sizes.

The plans give you the dimensions of the two platforms, pictures of the platforms and templates for making the VN segments for latitudes between 46 and 56 in 2 steps (it should be noted that I have tested the platforms only up to 51). And sorry, I have no templates for segments for other latitudes except for the ones included. It should be mentioned that this design is not well suited for latitudes lower than 40, as the platform will become very long. For these latitudes, a platform with an additional circula south bearing ist better suited (check for instance the web page of equatorialplatforms.com by Tom Osypowski).

With the table being made of 18mm plywood, the VN segments should be flush with the upper side of the platform table and the southern pivot point should be about 7mm below the platform table. The bottom plate should be made somewhat longer than the table to accomodate the rollers and the platform drive.


Design of the small VNS platform

This platform is suitable for the common commercial 8 to 10" Dobsonians with solid tube or truss tube Dobsonians up to 14" (it carries for instance my 14" Dob).

Download the plans


Design of the large VNS platform

This platform is suitable for commercial 12" solid tube Dobs or truss tube Dobs from 16" to about 22" (it carries my 22" Dob).

Download the plans



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